How would you like to increase your conversions and visitor engagement?

Interactive Video Funnels increase conversions and engagement by up to 1,000%

Big media companies are getting huge results with interactive video

IVF Case Studies

Gaiam TV

The health and well-being company used interactive video funnels to increase their subscriptions by 4x!


Maybelline New York achieved 14x the industry average click-through using interactive video.


This video SAAS company achieved an added $58,743 in sales using interactive sales videos.

How does it work?

When a visitor clicks “play” on an interactive video funnel, they will first see what we call your Starter video (see the S).

At the end of your starter video, you give them your funnel options. The flowchart example shows a vocal coach’s interactive video funnel.

Her options are:

“Are you a singer? Click here” (and a button will appear)

“Are you an actor? Click here ” (another button appears).

“Are you a speaker? Click here” (a third button)

The visitor makes their decision which brings them to a targeted sales video for their industry with unique calls to action at the end of each video.

Cool, right?

IVF Demos

Affiliate Product Funnel

One way to increase your affiliate click-through rates is by creating simple little product funnels with video.

Homepage Welcome Funnel

Do you serve multiple industries? Guide your visitors to targeted sales pages made just for them.

Email Subscription Funnel

Increase your email subscriptions with in-video opt-in forms linked to AWeber or ActiveCampaign.

What happens when you book an IVF?

Step 1: Storyboarding

We get on Skype to storyboard out your interactive video funnel. From this initial conversation, you are given a plan from which to make short videos for your IVF.

Step 2: Interactive Editing

You send us your video snippets, we edit them together to create interactive junctions and buttons, allowing the viewer to select the direction of the content.

Step 3: We go LIVE

We embed the interactive video directly into your website for you. Use Facebook advertising? We can even insert your Facebook Pixel to use for retargeting visitors who viewed the IVF.

Get Your Interactive Video Funnel



This Interactive Video Funnel includes making an interactive video funnel with up to four (4) videos, including the intro video. All video material will be provided by you the customer. Once we have the video footage, we will work our magic to stitch them together into an interactive video funnel.

Within 24 hours of booking, our creative director will get in touch with you via email to schedule a storyboarding and scripting session with you. Interactive Actor Reels are often completed within 3-4 days of receiving all the necessary video content and information.

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