Google & Facebook Ads

Also known as Pay Per Click. With billions of visitors each month, both Google and Facebook are the place to be.

Why Buy Ads Online?

Digital Ads can 10x your business overnight.

Digital advertising is arguably more effective than any print, radio, TV or any other advertising method. It also gives you high levels of control through analytics and in-depth targeting. Digital advertising allows you to get your business in front of billions of potential customers.


The 4 Major Ad Categories

1. Search Engine Ads

Get in front of you target customers when they are most likely to buy your products and services.

2.  Social Media Ads

Social media channels allow you to insert your brand amongst your customers’ friends and interests.  

3. Video Ads

Video advertising offers your target audience one of the highest paid brand engagements available. 

4. Banner Ads

The oldest form of online advertising. Banner ads are now regularly used for retargeting campaigns. 

Google VS Facebook Ads

A lot of clients ask us: what’s better, Google or Facebook Ads. 

The answer (again) is: both. All social media advertising is in essence outbound interruption marketing. This means you are able to put your brand in front of a client and try and change their intended behavior to now engage with your ad. 

Whereas Search Engine Advertising is Inbound Marketing. This is because the client is actively looking for your products and services. Your ad is fulfilling their existing demand.

That’s why we suggest using both. They each offer unique value – depending on your campaign.

Serious about getting your business seen by key prospects?

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