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Branding & Marketing for Busy professionals

Want it DONE for you?

Sick of freelancers but don’t want to hire someone fulltime? We are a tribe of marketing experts who work closely with people like you to expand your business’ horizon.


At MYTHE we help you find the words and images to tell your unique story with the world and build your company’s value beyond its products and services.


At MYTHE our websites are built with purpose. We design storyboard websites with intuitive user experience in mind with the goal of attaining conversions.


At MYTHE we offer PPC advertising such as Facebook and Google, but we can also find the right influencer partners for you to tap into their audience.

Video SEO

At MYTHE we believe Video SEO is a fundamental building block to online success. Youtube has over 3.5 billion views a month, let’s get you found.

How We Can Help

Build your marketing channels to build your business and get more clients. Here are some of the tools we use to make it happen.

Marketing Coaching

We work with you to help clarify your goals and values to create your unique corporate storyboard.


A strong brand wins everytime.  We will make sure you have clear and strong branding assets.


With the right website strategy, you will attract traffic and expand your business.

Digital Advertising

You can draw instant traffic to your campaigns with the right targetted Google, Facebook & LinkedIn ads.

Interactive Lead Magnets

Want higher conversions? We offer interactive sales funnels that 10x click through and engagement.


Creative Writing

The best content wins on Google. Let’s help you become the trusted resource for your industry.

” I trust MYTHE with my marketing. Before using their services I would waste hours of my time going back and forth with mediocre freelancers. With MYTHE it feels like I have my own Marketing team.”

Elisa James,

How much is poor marketing costing you?

There is an old saying that goes:

“Marketing is an investment.
Everything else is an expense.”

This is just as true today. Every marketing dollar you spend should be returning you real value through higher brand awareness, more customers, and increased revenues.

We see marketing as an investment that should return 10x back in value to our clients for every dollar spent.


Here are some examples of what we can do for you.

Smart Home

Dance studio



Create your brand’s story.


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Bangkok, Thailand 10510


Thailand: +66 917 794 080

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